Excellent Interactive NOON VR Remote

NOON VR Remote is all you need if you want to easily enjoy high-resolution games and videos on your PC.
Enjoy virtual reality in your own space without having to purchase a separate device.

NOON VR Remote Introduction
Stream your PC screen and any contents to multiple smartphones at once
How to Start Using the NOON VR Remote
1. Download NOON VR Remote Program for Windows to your PC and launch.
2. Download the NOON VR App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, install on your smartphone, and launch.
3. Check the IP address in the NOON VR Remote program on your PC, then click "Run NOON VR REMOTE".
4. Open the NOON VR App on your smartphone and select ‘Remote’ from the sidebar menu.
5. Register the IP from step #3 in the app, then tap "Connect VR" to connect to your PC.
    Put on your headset to begin viewing.
6. The remote program for PC is currently only available only for Windows, and the computer and smartphone must be connected to the same wireless LAN router.
PC Streaming to Smartphones
NOON VR Remote can stream your PC screen to multiple smartphones at once.
Recommended Specifications for Use
CPU: Intel Core i5 series / Windows Experience Index Processor 7.0 or above
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTx650 or higher model / Windows Experience Index Graphic 7.0 or above